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The Complete R&R Difference

Complete Remodeling & Restoration specializes in taking foreclosure and distressed properties from acquisition to completion, remodeled and profitable in very short time frames, often within mere days. 

With over 300+ remodeling & rehab projects in the past 5 years, our remodeling teams know how to maximize your investment dollar and appraisal value.  Plus, because of our years of experience, we know what materials, colors and fixtures have the highest appeal for the buyer.

Is there A Difference When Choosing A Remodeler?

Choosing the right company for your next remodel could mean the difference between profitability and loss on an investment property.  Not all remodeling companies are the same.  We specialize in taking distressed properties and quickly and efficiently turning around properties so they can be quickly put on the market or put into rental programs.

Because of our relationships and economies of scale, we have access to top grade materials and up-to-date fixtures and appliances at prices not available elsewhere.  In addition, we can help you choose colors and styles that are proven winners for quickly selling a home.

Using a reputable company who specializes in rehabilitating properties has many advantages.  The most obvious is the ability to quickly turnaround a house so that it can begin generating revenue.  Complete Remodeling & Restoration has received acclaim for their ability to streamline the permit and inspection process, while strategically scheduling the different teams to finish remodeling in the shortest time possible.

Most companies over-promise and under-deliver.  Because of our years of experience, we will provide accurate bids and schedule updates to the investor on a continuous basis.

Using Complete Remodeling & Restoration versus “Do-It-Yourself” Remodeling

Complete Remodeling & Restoration has received many testimonials from satisfied and very happy investors and Real Estate Professionals.  One of the most common things we hear is that they are now “Clients for life”.  Why?  Each has a story of how they tried to oversee a remodel themselves that went far over budget and took three times as long.  Many investors don’t consider the value inherent in a quick turnaround on a remodel.  Holding costs, financing fees and advertising can eat up profits quickly. 

Due to economies of scale and purchasing volume, Complete Remodeling & Restoration enjoys preferred pricing with their suppliers.  This gives a distinct advantage over the DIY investor or contractor.
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